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France 3
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Re: *GM7 FINAL B11 - Cosak (French) VS White (Allies)

20 Jun 2016, 13:15

Yes, right, 8-2. Kettch lied once again to us when he said he was in the central LOC (1pt) ;)

I was very surprised to face a big fat English army without any good shooting stats (max 22 in accuracy), except from one Blackwatch batallion. We owe our victory to my machinegunning Swiss regiments and mainly Kettch's resilience in the center while I pushed slowly to the enemy's 4ptrs.

Thank you Lancier for your dedication to our community, this is also your victory :salute:

Tactical replay:

Re: *GM7 FINAL B11 - Cosak (French) VS White (Allies)

20 Jun 2016, 15:14

Swiss were impressive really. As mostly choosing veterans cause of their attack and charge numbers, we missed Swiss reload i guess also their defence is better. Interesting.

Yes Camerons RL quite good like most Brit inf but acc. was the problem probably here.

Thanks but we get things done together so quite a good cooperation it is so far ^^

Re: *GM7 FINAL B11 - Cosak (French) VS White (Allies)

20 Jun 2016, 15:37

Kettch didn't lied... He in fact took the central house, but the 2 houses in our right were capped by my troops! that´s why it was 9-2. ;)

Re: *GM7 FINAL B11 - Cosak (French) VS White (Allies)

21 Jun 2016, 06:43

Probably Kegemusha will provide us his great classic youtube video of this final soon, thanks sir already now. :salute:

Re: *GM7 FINAL B11 - Cosak (French) VS White (Allies)

25 Jun 2016, 21:09


Image She's coming soon but many problem of connexion (she charge on you tube since yesterday night :Madman2: ) slow down this presentation.

I hope that is ready for tomorow :whistle: Great Battle, it was a pleasure to make this video :hug:

Re: *GM7 FINAL B11 - Cosak (French) VS White (Allies)

01 Jul 2016, 07:12

Thank you Kagemusha for the vid ^^

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