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Re: GM2 (Battle 7) BPA VS Templars

26 Jun 2015, 17:48

Hi any news for this week ??

Maybe difficult for us ( again problem screen computer for Floflo and Kagemusha and Arkicha absent this week..)

Do you accpet, with the agreement of Lancier, that an another Templar ( Morkerm or Pheonix ) wich are never play in this tournament 3vs3 , can play ?

Or can we push away the dead line ( 29 June ) with your agreement and that of Lancier ? No problem for the next week :D :D

Looking forward to your answer

See you soon :salute:

Re: GM2 (Battle 7) BPA VS Templars

26 Jun 2015, 17:51

Sorry for the late response. We can make a team for tonight at 21;00 French time if thats ok? Next week should also be fine.

That's fine for another Templar to play if needed.

Re: GM2 (Battle 7) BPA VS Templars

26 Jun 2015, 21:51

Congratulations BPA ,MAK you were terrifying

Re: GM2 (Battle 7) BPA VS Templars

26 Jun 2015, 23:23

Congratulations to BPA :clap2:
Difficult for us to be 3 for this game toonight :confused: ( thanks phoenix )

Indeed, GG BPA and see you soon

Thanks Lancier for this tournament

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Re: GM2 (Battle 7) BPA VS Templars

27 Jun 2015, 05:36

Thanks and Congratulations gentlemen !

Congratulations to Polygon, ALDi, Sir Wolly, Hellfire jack especially. Most joined the clan BPA in the last 4-5 months, worked hard played together continuously always being active in the ntw3 lobby and represented their clan in all Golden Musket tournaments in the best way.

Re: GM2 (Battle 7) BPA VS Templars

06 Jul 2015, 17:54

My video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzJAmQau7Ko
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